We are especially proud of the action from last weekend. Over 30 registered people contributed to collect about 50 black garbage bags and make the landfill look normal.

With the sunset, good energy and chill music, we nicely sent kilos and kilos of garbage to go where they needed to go.

As always, we were very motivated by passers-by who greeted our feat, and a mother with two children even came to join us because the children wanted to help and not only collected a lot of garbage but also separated the plastic in a special bag!

As for the birthday action, we finally had the opportunity to sweeten the cake thanks to the culinary skills of Vladimir Nastovski. There were also Dobra Voda and Red Bull for refreshment and energy.

As long as there are people who care and have a desire for a better tomorrow, change is possible! The road is not easy, but we take it step by step. For a cleaner Macedonia!

Garbage collection is a surprisingly interesting thing. Something that could be described as “oddly satisfying”. When during the cleaning you are surrounded by a bunch of positive people eager for activity, it becomes fun.

And the satisfaction is immense when after the work you look at the result for which you directly contributed. No garbage in the light, beautiful clean lawns that even look greener without the garbage and a huge pile full of black bags ready to carry.

There is always a new person at the action so meeting and meeting new people is already an integral part of any purge. It is also a good opportunity to practice English because there are always people from other countries present.

Welcome to our next action on August 8, for which a location has yet to be chosen. We are waiting for your suggestions.

Do not look for a man for example. Be an example.