Do you have a littered neighborhood or natural area in your city?
Say no more!

Yes, it is what you are thinking… We are going on a TrashTour around the country! Watch out next time you throw trash somewhere - we are everywhere now. You cannot hide anymore. To achieve our goal of a cleaner Macedonia, we decided to expand our clean-ups to a national level. After all, we cannot expect a big change by only acting in the capital. But where and when, exactly?


Since our mission is not to only clean Skopje, we will have several clean-ups around Macedonia. We will be on the road with our team of Greenfluencers, spend nights in nature as we love camping and most importantly – we will clean.


Brushanski zaliv 17:00


Market "Crvena Ruza", Karpos


Mirjanina Crkva 17:30

4 cleanups in Skopje!

11.07 | 25.7 | 15.8 | soon

Oh Sundays, the days you spend in the parks and nature with your friends… why not collect some garbage while you’re at it? Join us for the events and bring your crew! The places will be announced shortly before the dates. We will provide trash bags, gloves and masks for all of the participants.

Partner up with us!

We need all of you to be part of the adventure! How can you contribute?


Spread the word, gather your friends and join our actions. Maybe you know a littered place somewhere in Skopje or in our TrashTour locations that you would like to see clean? Report it to us!


There can never be too many partners to our cause. Would you like to work with us towards green goals and show what values you carry in your business? We would like to invite you to take part in the events:

Send participants! There is never too many hands on a clean-up

Sponsor us! Organizing cleanups and the TrashTour involve a lot of small things that you can contribute with: trashbags, gloves, water bottles, lunch during the TrashTour.. and, of course, we will promote your business.

Contact us via e-mail or social media for cooperation: [email protected]

The project is coordinated and implemented by the team of Za Pochista Makedonija with the support of Volunteers Centre Skopje(VCS) and funded by Foundation Open Society Macedonia (FOOM).