It's easy to say, but how can individuals actually live more eco-friendly with their everyday life choices?

How to organize your own cleanup?

No one likes to see trash everywhere. But who’s going to do something about it? It’s up to all of us to take action and work towards the future we want to see! Start locally, spread the word and be aware of your surroundings.

Find a place

Find a dirty area somewhere in your city / surrounding.

Collect a group

Talk with few friends that are interested in helping.

Buy materials

Gather some money for trash bags (120L & 150L), gloves (prefer reusable ones) and disinfection


Make a facebook event and advertise your event on other social media platforms to reach more people. Tag Za Pochista Makedonija and we will share your event!


Organize a transport / walk to take the trash to trash bins after the action. Recycle if possible (plastic bottles to separate bags and collect glass bottles)

Clean up!

Bring music and good vibes to the event and have fun while cleaning!

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.”

- Jane Goodall, English primatologist

Tips for Eco-life

Use a tote bag

Buy one or two tote bags for shopping to avoid the countless amounts of plastic bags that become useless in your drawers or end up in the trash after one use.

Reduce plastic

Use the same plastic bags for your veggies in the green-market and buy yourself a refillable water bottle. Avoid buying products with unnecessary plastic (eg. plastic wrapped fruit)

Buy a piece of soap!

A piece of soap packed in cardboard lasts longer than liquid shower gel and is more eco-friendly!

Shorter showers

Shut down the water while shampooing and save water - it takes energy for the boiler to warm water up for you.

Shop second-hand

When you can, buy second-hand products and clothes. It's 2-in-1: environment-friendly and unique clothes! Keep the circle alive by donating or selling things that are of no use to you anymore but can find a new home.


Reduce, reuse, recycle… The last of the three might be hard sometimes - here you can read how to recycle in Macedonia.

Use a trash bin

The simplest act of all - put your trash in the trash bin. Even the smallest things, like cigarette butts, pile up when we all throw them on the ground.

Fix whats broken

Tiny hole on your sock? Sew it. External wire broken? Fix it. Stop consuming - start fixing!

No food waste

Buy only what you consume - there is no need to fill your fridge to the maximum. Make compost and don’t throw food waste into the regular trash bin.

Reduce meat

We don't need to stop eating things we enjoy, but we can always eat less meat. Small steps - replace your chicken dish with beans or take eggplant instead of a steak.

Bike or walk

Or hike, or run... You'll exercise, get some sun and reduce CO2 emissions!


Spread the word, show your friends how they can make eco-friendly choices, as well.

Educate yourself

Articles, books, podcasts, documentaries - whatever style suits you. There's countless sources of good information, just do some research.

Turn off the lights

Don’t consume energy for nothing. No one needs the lights on in an empty room.

What can you actually recycle in Macedonia?


Green glass containers can be found around the cities, where you can drop your glass waste. Remember to take the metal caps out before!


Pakomak collects plastic for recycling. Containers can be found around the cities, marked with yellow color.

Cardboard & Paper

Cardboard and paper waste is collected in blue marked containers around the cities. Pakomak takes care of these as well.

Old electronics

Elkolekt collects old electronic waste. Contact them and see where you can bring yours!