За Почиста Македонија

Don’t look for a role model, be one.

A home of Greenfluencers,

a living room full of active citizens.

The place to be.

Give a bit from you!

Volunteering with us does not only give you a fun day with cool people, but you can take an active part in society.

Clean for all

By organizing your own action in Macedonia, you can contribute to make our home a better place for everyone!

Garbage? No thanks!

We see trash and we make it disappear, while also motivating and inspiring others to do the same. If we don’t do it, who will?

I wanna join!

“Taking care of nature is as important as taking care of yourself and that’s what Za Pochista Makedonija stands for”​

Petar Stevanovic

Something you can do everyday:

Bike or walk

Or hike, or run... You'll exercise, get some sun and reduce CO2 emissions!

Use a trash bin

The simplest act of all - put your trash in the trash bin. Even the smallest things, like cigarette butts, pile up when we all throw them on the ground.

Use a tote bag

Buy one or two tote bags for shopping to avoid the countless amounts of plastic bags that become useless in your drawers or end up in the trash after one use.

Reduce plastic

Use the same plastic bags for your veggies in the green-market and buy yourself a refillable water bottle. Avoid buying products with unnecessary plastic (eg. plastic wrapped fruit)