Volunteers Joined
Trash Bags Collected

What have we done so far?

Besides the big clean-ups, we have done several smaller actions in our free-time: walking by Vardar and picking up trash, hiking on the mountains and collecting plastic… There’s always time for some good cleaning!

Holiday Inn parking

Street Mirce Acev

Project "TrashTour"

26 volunteers
38 bags of trash

Bridge Majka Teresa, Vardar

Project "TrashTour"

19 volunteers
25 bags of trash

Marko's Monastery

With "Volunteers Centre Skopje"

20 volunteers
20 bags of trash

Mount Vodno

50+ volunteers
80+ bags of trash
5 bags of plastic recycled
1 bag of glass recycled

Poligon - Kale

the old training ground under the US Embassy

Project "TrashTour"

30 volunteers
50 bags of trash

Skopje Fortress

With "MladiHub"

30 volunteers
25 bags of trash
4 bags of plastic recycled


With "I love Hiking"

60+ volunteers
120+ bags of trash

Za Pochista Makedonija team at the Museum of Contemporary Art